Atlanta Film Chat Dragoncon Special Twofer!

Wow! What's that? Not just one episode today, but TWO? What a deal! And for how much? Nothing? Holy smokes! What a wonderful world we live in indeed.

In celebration of Dragoncon FINALLY starting up, Atlanta Film Chat has two entire episodes for your listening pleasure today. Part 4 is with Joanna Davidovich (Ugly Americans) and Nate Foster whose fun and peppy musical short film Monkey Rag is showing Saturday 11:30 AM in the Hyatt Learning Center. Part 5 features Joel Musch, who not only has a Star Wars fan film Sunday at 7 PM in the Learning Center but is also the legendary director who made the full-length fan feature film The Legend of Zelda: Hero of Time.

Remember to look for us at Dragoncon and to visit all our guests' showings and panels. Have a great weekend and stay safe amongst the madness!

Grab the episode below or find us on iTunes:

Click: Episode 15 - Dragoncon Special Part 4 - Joanna Davidovich & Nate Foster

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