Pilot Shot in Atlanta, ABC's 1-8-7 Will Film in Detroit

Using Atlanta as a stand-in for the city it was named after, the pilot for ABC's DETROIT 1-8-7 was shot here last winter and there was great hope it would return if picked up. Quite a few people have been tracking its status and thanks to the magic of twitter, I regretfully can confirm that the show will not be setting shop in town. "Executive producer David Zabel ("ER") said a studio and stage sets for "Detroit 1-8-7" are being constructed in Highland Park [in Detroit] before filming commences in mid-July."

I hate to see us lose the show. On the other hand, Detroit can use the injection of jobs and cash. Truthfully, I wasn't ever sure having a show named after an infamous California code for murder is something you want linked to your city. Also, Atlanta standing in for Detroit hasn't always led to good things. See, or don't see better yet, ROBOCOP 3 for an example of that.

ABC invests in new TV crime series 'Detroit 1-8-7