The Marijuana Mash-Up

Tyro TV, another video site among a myriad of many I have never run across before, is running a contest and their first challenge is something they've named The Marijuana Mash-Up. Below is the gist (the short film they're referring to is embedded below). Think you can make a more persuasive short film than this?

The Marijuana Mash-Up gives you the chance.  It’s Tyro TV’s unique new competition for emerging filmmakers who want to show what they can do.

Mash up the classic drug education films provided here to create a persuasive short film.  The challenge is compete against other filmmakers in transforming this dated material into something that speaks to contemporary audiences – and convinces them to vote for or against legalizing marijuana.

Remixing cult classic anti-drug films into something new sounds like a fun project. I especially like the added goal of making filmmakers create something that's either pro or against legalization. It takes the emphasis off just being funny and forcing editors to be clever on how they reassemble all that old footage.

The one catch is that you have to pay $4.99 to play. Which isn't bad, although I believe most of the films they are using are in the public domain and are easily found for free online. Still, for a potential $500 pay off, it may be worth it.

Killer Weed from Outer Space from Tyro TV on Vimeo.