photo credit:  vancouver film school  

photo credit: vancouver film school 

Have an upcoming shoot?  A project already in production? CinemATL would like to share the news with the community. Depending on frequency and volume, CinemATL will gather submitted reports into regular posts to keep the community up to date.

Cast and Crew Calls

...And you're looking for cast or crew. CinemATL wants to share that as well.  Cast and Crew calls will be gathered into regular posts as well. 

YES. You can submit a cast or crew call after you've already submitted a production alert. YES. You can submit updated and new cast and crew calls. 

On-Set Reports

Production Alerts also serve to alert CinemATL to future productions to visit to do an On-Set report. We can't cover what we don't know about. See end of this page for more information.

Name *
If project is a genre hybrid. Examples: Musical Western, Crime Comedy, Action Thriller
Production Start Date *
Production Start Date
This can be locked or tentative start days. If you've already started, 6 months away, or this is a long term project, let us and the community know.
Production End Date
Production End Date
Including budget and pay information can add legitimacy to your alert. If you don't want to include this information, we at CinemATL would still like to know so we can track the numbers.
Best Contact Number *
Best Contact Number
Tell us more if this is also a Casting/Crew Call
Call Phone
Call Phone
Any numbers entered will be included in our post. VERIFY this number can be shared.
At minimum, please include role, sex and age.
Including shoot days is not required, but suggested.
Tell Us More So We Might Possibly Schedule an On-set Report

On-set Reports

CinemATL is an all volunteer operation. We do this out of love for the community first and foremost. Here are few things to know about On-set Reports:

  1. We cannot cover all productions. Even if we had 40 people on staff, we couldn't visit and write about all the productions happening every week.
  2. We will contact productions to schedule an on-set report. We kindly ask that you don't email us asking when or if we will do a report. We're not trying to be mean, we have to prioritize. And for each email we have to answer, that's less time writing, doing research and covering the productions we can.
  3. The sooner an alert is submitted, the further out the shoot dates are, the more likely we can schedule an on-set report. Thirty days or more is a good rule for any type of notification being sent out. 
  4. Just because we can't come out, doesn't mean we might not be able to post pics from your set. If you have four to seven compelling, fun, and engaging images from your production, we may be interested in turning those into a post and sharing with the community. (Contact Info and Guidelines to be Updated)
  5. We take this seriously. We want only the best for the community. Poorly written alerts. Alerts lacking credible information. Poorly designed websites. Those will impact which productions we choose to cover. Again, we're not trying to be mean. We will still include those alerts in our general posts, while we may elect not to followup about coverage. Covering any production, regardless of quality, damages our credibility and the credibility of other productions covered. Perception is reality, if it looks amateurish, it's amateurish.