Atlanta Film Chat Episode 90: Director & Animator Marcus Rosentrater (Limo Ride, Archer)

Director and animator Marcus Rosentrater (Limo Ride, Archer) came on to talk about the art of collaboration, selling niche films, his underground cinema showcase Contraband Cinema, and much more!

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Georgia Trailers: LIMO RIDE

If you've popped in from time to time, you may have read a post or two from Marcus Rosentrater here on CinemATL. Marcus is a lead animator at Floyd County Productions (Archer) and founder of Contraband Cinema. Before that, he founded Climenole with his filmmaking partner Gideon Kennedy. Their latest film Limo Ride premiered at this year's Atlanta Film Festival to two sold screenings.

 The NSFW trailer for Limo Ride is live and ready to be beamed into your eye sockets. 

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