3D On TV

Sony 3D 51" Plasma screen.   Check! 

Samsung Glasses.  Check!

Sony 3D Blu-Ray Player.  Check!

Captain America- The First Avenger 3D Blu-Ray.  Check!

 Buffalo Wings- Lemon Pepper and Hot.  Next time.

Recently, I rekindled my childhood.   I've never been as anxious as I am now about so many superheroes coming to the big screen.  I feel like I'm 10 again. 

The Amazing Spiderman, Thor, Dark Knight Rises, Captain America…you name it, I probably spent money to see it (note: I admit that I waited to see Thor and Captain America on DVD).  If your mind isn't made up before you reach the theater, you might be encouraged to spend a few extra dollars on a 3D viewing.  Cool.  Take a chance for once.  Personally,  I haven't been thoroughly impressed with 3D in the theater yet but every now and then I see glimpses of extraordinary photography. 

For the first time, I made it a point to watch a film on a 3D theater system with everything but the subwoofer.  I'm sold on it. 

Last year, I was told that the movie to test 3D quality in theaters would be Avatar.  Since I don’t have the 3D set, I purchased Captain America through SecondSpin.com.  I order so much from them that should give me a share in their business.



The thump in the HD surround sound will get the attention of the neighbors and cause the dogs to howl in the backyard.  It knocks!  I found myself looking around a few times responding to crackling sounds and footsteps.  The sound can be that crisp. 



Honestly, I expected the visuals would be the biggest fail.  It was hardly the truth.  Captain America provides plenty of opportunities to see cascading objects in the depth of field.  The landscape pushes closer toward the viewer than a normal LED set.  The Paramount sequence in the beginning looks reachable.  I imagine a TV 70" or bigger will bring the picture even closer to your nose. 



Is 3D TV worth it?  It won't enhance your understanding of the movie.  If you're an avid fan that watches your favorites repeatedly like I do, it's worth the worth your time to try it out in the store before you spend on the set.  You won't spend much more on the TV sets themselves because the prices are doing down every six months or so.  You can get 3D sets for less money now than you could get plasma TVs just over a year ago.  Many of the sets come with 2 free pair of glasses so make sure you read the specials.  If you have a large family that watches movies all at the same time, you will have to buy a few more pair.  The others will just have to play games in the other room until it's their turn. 

 Not every movie is in 3D nor should every movie be in 3D.  Therefore, the catalog is still pretty limited although animated movies tend to be distributed in 3D.  A brand new 3D blu-ray may cost you $10 more than a regular blu-ray when it's first released.  Hit a few pawn shops or used DVD places to deflate the cost.  My new favorite pawn shops (Top Dollar Pawn in Houston) sell all blu-rays for $5.  I almost couldn’t hold in my smile when the sales associate told me that.