Teen Actor Training: Professional Actor's Studio

The Professional Actor's Studio offers great acting training for teens from 14-19. Our teen actors learn all the basics of acting, and are then encouraged to move beyond those basics and become stronger actors. They work on cold readings, improvisational exercises, and prepared scenes and monologues. They learn how to base all of their work on a foundation of honesty and creativity. In addition, the classes also cover the business side of show business, including headshots, agents, and auditions. Anyone interested is welcome to audit a class for free. The teen acting class is held on Saturdays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. The studio is located at 2849 Piedmont Rd., in the heart of Buckhead. For directions, more information, or to sign up to audit a class, please visit http://www.proactorsstudio.com.

Chez Studio June Workshop


Chez Studios June workshop will now be a comedy workshop. The Jason Wood workshop will take place in July. Our comedy workshop will now take place June 26th and 27th

As more work comes to Atlanta, there are exciting opportunities for casting comedy roles. We are adding more comedy training to our program.


*Katie teaches sketch comedy like you see on SNL. Sketch is a comedic exploration of a concept, character, or situation.

Katie Donahue was a stand up comedian in New York City and is known well in that market. She was also a part of an Improv troupe in Philadelphia, she traveled around to inner-city schools teaching Improv.

Her classes will teach Improv in a way that encourages actors to think out of the box as well as show off their personalities.

Katie is excited about working with Atlanta actors. According to Katie they are always happy to find new talent to introduce to the comedy market.

Our comedy series will include 3 comedy workshops that will be building blocks for the actor. The 1st starts with Katie, an agent. The 2nd will be lead by a successful comedy actor and the third will be with a top Casting Director that works with comedians.

The Chez Group 2221 Peachtree Rd NE Suite D, Box 335 Atlanta, GA 30309 404-603-8755 (O) 404-352-9328 (F)