June 29th is D-Day for SC Tax Incentives

Cast of Army Wives Season 3As it is with most states, South Carolina is dealing with budget shortfalls and one of Governor Mark Sanford's solutions is to end the state's film incentive program. The SC House has already voted to 104 to 7 to override Sanford's veto of the program, and now it's up to the state's Senate to complete the process to keep the incentive's going. What's the likelihood of the state's incentives going away? In a down economy, it all depends on how much state senators think being seen as fiscal hawks will benefit them more than being seen as the folks who voted to lose the state jobs. Houses, state or federal, tend to lean more populist than their Senate brethren, with Senators more willing to risk public ire to make a principled stance.

Of the productions that could be affected is Lifetime's hit show Army Wives. One of the more prominent productions in the Southeast (in the works is a spin-off set in Atlanta) , the show has not only generated jobs locally in SC, the show routinely casts from surrounding states, including here in Georgia. The show having to cease production or move out of the South to continue, could have a ripple effect. Although, there is the possibility the show could relocate to Georgia or another state to take advantage of their incentives if need be.

Personally, with a 104 to 7 vote to back them up, I'd say the Senate goes the way of the House.

“Army Wives” star lobbies against SC film incentive cuts (AUDIO)

UPDATE: Loss of SC film incentives could mean the end of “Army Wives”

Save South Carolina Film Incentives! Facebook Group

Oprah’s OWN Open Casting Call

Want to be Oprah’s new BFF? Want to be on TV? What are we saying? Of course you do.

So make plans to attend the final open casting call for the original series “Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search For The Next TV Star.” Star searchers will be at the  Kohl’s in Roswell this Saturday. The address is 620 W. Crossville Rd.

Wristbands will be handed out from 6 a.m. until noon, and everyone with a wristband gets a shot at stardom. Auditions begin at 7 a.m.

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