North Carolina House Okays Tax Bill, NC Film Office Launches Properties Web Page

North Carolina Film ProductionNorth Carolina is keeping busy. The state's House recently okayed a bill to expand tax breaks aimed at computer simulation games and green-based business parks. The bill will also allow productions to write off  actor and director salaries over $1 million. Not sure if the language from this brief piece is the same used in the bill, but green-based business parks and computer simulation games definitely sounds like language designed to circumvent as much opposition as possible.

Bill to Lure NC biz with tax breaks gets House OK - WCNC

Then the North Carolina Film Office has "launched a web page where residents can submit photos of their property to be considered for possible film locations." One of most important functions film offices serve is assisting productions in finding locations. With budgets being reduced to meet budget shortfalls and man power being reduced, this is a smart move. The major obstacles are maintaining a steady flow of submissions and having the quality of those submissions be high enough that you're not spending more time weeding out the useless picks than pointing productions to the gems.

NC Film Office seeks properties for movie locations - Bloomberg Businessweek