News Around the South - June 25

Mean Girls 2, which will start filming in Atlanta soon, has found it's cast.

Meaghan [Martin] will be the main mean girl, taking the place of Rachel McAdams' Regina. Her character, named Jo, will befriend outcast Abby because Abby's father offers to pay for Jo's expensive college education. We aren't going to question the plausibility of that, since realistic plots aren't what "Mean Girls" is all about, but will note that Abby and her father have not been cast yet.

[Maiara Walsh's] character is currently unnamed, but she will be playing one of Jo's followers, the Plastics. She was most recently seen on this past season of "Desperate Housewives" as the character Ana Solis, as well as on the Disney show "Cory in the House." "So it's official.. I will be playing the lead 'plastic' in Mean Girls 2! I'm off to Atlanta at the end of the month to shoot :)" she tweeted last week.

'Mean Girls 2' Casts Meaghan Martin And Maiara Walsh In Lead Roles

Several adult studios in Florida are being investigated.

Florida regulators, acting on a complaint by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, have begun probing condom-less production shoots by Bang Bros Films, Hustler Video, Josh Stone Productions and Reality Kings Productions.

Officials are investigating "sanitary nuisance" complaints relative to 10 videos the companies shot in Florida. The AHF said that it filed the complaint with the Florida Health Department because the state does not have a designated occupational safety and health division.

"The Miami-Dade complaint asserts that the films demonstrate unsafe — potentially life-threatening — behavior in a Florida workplace, as the sexual acts filmed without participating performers wearing condoms depict the unprotected exchange of bodily fluids," AHF President Michael Weinstein said in a statement.

Fla. Regulators Probing 4 Adult Studios