Casting Call in Atlanta!

Casting Call!

Casting call for an iBook (a digital novel for the iPad). This interactive digital novel includes video clips, still images, text, audio clips and graphic design. The story follows the screenplay “Closer Than Rust,” which was recently selected as one of the three winners of the 2011 Atlanta International Film Festival.

Casting Calls:

Date: Wednesday, May 15th

Time: 4-5:30pm

Location: The Phillip Rush Center, 1530 Dekalb Avenue, Suite A, Atlanta, GA, 30307


The Rush Center is located one block from the Edgewood/Candler Park Marta Station.

Date: Thursday, May 16th

Time: 6-8pm

Location: Georgia State University, General Classroom Building (“GCB”) room #115

Corner of Decatur Street and Peachtree Center Avenue (Building #12 on the GSU campus map).

Located two blocks from the 5 Points Marta Station (Walk down Central Ave towards Decatur Street. Central Ave becomes Peachtree Center Ave and the building is right there on the corner. Studio is on the ground floor, room #115)

Actors are needed for the following parts:


Jamie  27, caucasian, genderqueer/FTM

Aliza  22-24, African American, Female/Femme

Bryan  8, African American, Male (Aliza’s playful little brother)

Creggory  8, African American, Male (Aliza’s brother’s friend)

Reggie  mid/late-20’s, African American, Male (Aliza’s ex-boyfriend)

Vespa  33, Asian American, Female/femme

Hart  mid-30’s, Asian American (other races considered), Female, Butch (Vespa’s partner)

Bill  Over 40, Caucasian, Male, “Proud Southern Redneck”

Tanisa  mid-20’s, African American, Female (a wild artist type)


EXTRAS / Townspeople:            

Tina  45 or so, African American, Female (Aliza’s Mom) (Photo & Voice Only)

Harden  45 or so, African American, Male (Aliza’s Dad) (Photo & Voice Only)

Frankie  mid-60’s, Caucasian, Male (also a “Proud Southern Redneck”)

Darnell  late-20’s, African American, Male (works with Jamie on the dump truck)

Mike  mid-30’s or so, Male (driver of the dump truck)

Mr. Casselberry  mid-60’s, African American, Male (married to Mrs. Casselberry)

Mrs. Casselberry  mid-60’s, African American, Female (married to Mr. Casselberry)

Christian Wife  late-40’s or so, female (married to Christian Husband)

Christian Husband  late-40’s or so, male (married to Christian Wife)

Mother  mid-30’s, female (the mother of “child”)

Child  3-6, female (the child of “mother”)

Henry  late-30’s, male, probably Caucasian (married to Juna – interracial couple)

Juna late-30’s, female, probably African American (married to Henry – interracial couple)

Yolanda  mid-50’s or so, African American, Female (a Yoruba Priestess)

“Redneck Wife”  40’s or so, female, Caucasian (married to “Redneck Husband”)

“Redneck Husband”  40’s or so, male, Caucasian (married to “Redneck Wife”)

Creggory’s Mom  early-40’s (flexible), African American, Female (Creggory’s Mom)

Newscaster for web video - Any age, race, gender

 Possible: “neighborhood children” (various ages, genders, races)

Possible: voice over actors for animated robots (dream scene)


This is a low budget project – a labor of love for most of the artists involved. Actors will receive small “Thank you” stipends, a copy of footage for their reel, and a copy of the finished digital book (expected in December, 2012).  All filming will take place this summer in and around Atlanta, GA.

For more information, please contact Laura Zaylea at and/or visit: . This is an LGBT themed film about interracial relationships, community, small Southern towns, magical dreams/intuition & art-making!

See you at the casting call!


By: Laura Zaylea

Audition Call For Southern Dance Crews For Series To Be Filmed in Atlanta


Hi, my name is Elle, a casting producer for a television production company located in Burbank, CA called Morningstar Entertainment. We produce television programs for A&E, History Channel, Lifetime, Discovery, and TLC among others. We are currently CASTING a new series in Atlanta that will be filmed in ATL. This new series will feature SOUTHERN/or ATL based dance crews. Go ATL! Swagger, Royal Flush, are great examples of what we are looking for. Each crew that is cast will be compensated and will be the cast for the entire series, so BIG characters are needed as well as obvious dance skills. I would love to meet as many SOUTHERN/or ATL dance crews as possible when we arrive in Atlanta for the auditions in a month. All crews must be between ages 16-28 and have a minimum of 3 in their crew and 6 at the most. Please submit to following email with the following: Names, Ages, Bios, Pictures (At least 3), and any all video, websites or relevant media info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you! Elle/Casting Producer/ ealexander@morningstarentertainment

Elle Alexander

Oprah’s OWN Open Casting Call

Want to be Oprah’s new BFF? Want to be on TV? What are we saying? Of course you do.

So make plans to attend the final open casting call for the original series “Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search For The Next TV Star.” Star searchers will be at the  Kohl’s in Roswell this Saturday. The address is 620 W. Crossville Rd.

Wristbands will be handed out from 6 a.m. until noon, and everyone with a wristband gets a shot at stardom. Auditions begin at 7 a.m.

Read the Rest on

Casting Call for Horror Film DEAR GOD NO

From the same team that brought you Dumpster Baby (that should give you an idea of what sort of film this is). Big World Pictures is casting the new Horror / Exploitation period film "DEAR GOD NO!". It's bikers vs. monsters in an action packed throwback to the Drive-In & Grindhouse flicks of the 70's. The professional and seasoned genre crew begin principal photography in September 2010.

Several acting roles are still available. The Production is looking for:

1 Lead Male 40-65 years old. (Anthropology Professor) 2 Males 28+ (Sheriff & Deputy) 1 Lead Female 35+ (Professor's wife. Nudity required) 1 Lead Female 18+ (Professor's daughter, innocent youthful appearance, Nudity required)

If your are a fan of films like Death Weekend, Last House on the Left, Grizzly, The Savage Seven and The Wild Angels, then e-mail your head shot and resume to, fax to 404-296-6451 or send snail mail to Casting Director, 3778 Poplar Drive, Clarkston, Georgia 30312.