Teen Actor Training: Professional Actor's Studio

The Professional Actor's Studio offers great acting training for teens from 14-19. Our teen actors learn all the basics of acting, and are then encouraged to move beyond those basics and become stronger actors. They work on cold readings, improvisational exercises, and prepared scenes and monologues. They learn how to base all of their work on a foundation of honesty and creativity. In addition, the classes also cover the business side of show business, including headshots, agents, and auditions. Anyone interested is welcome to audit a class for free. The teen acting class is held on Saturdays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. The studio is located at 2849 Piedmont Rd., in the heart of Buckhead. For directions, more information, or to sign up to audit a class, please visit http://www.proactorsstudio.com.

Casting Call for Horror Film DEAR GOD NO

From the same team that brought you Dumpster Baby (that should give you an idea of what sort of film this is). Big World Pictures is casting the new Horror / Exploitation period film "DEAR GOD NO!". It's bikers vs. monsters in an action packed throwback to the Drive-In & Grindhouse flicks of the 70's. The professional and seasoned genre crew begin principal photography in September 2010.

Several acting roles are still available. The Production is looking for:

1 Lead Male 40-65 years old. (Anthropology Professor) 2 Males 28+ (Sheriff & Deputy) 1 Lead Female 35+ (Professor's wife. Nudity required) 1 Lead Female 18+ (Professor's daughter, innocent youthful appearance, Nudity required)

If your are a fan of films like Death Weekend, Last House on the Left, Grizzly, The Savage Seven and The Wild Angels, then e-mail your head shot and resume to james_bickert@yahoo.com, fax to 404-296-6451 or send snail mail to Casting Director, 3778 Poplar Drive, Clarkston, Georgia 30312.

Stop Blaming the Actors for Poor Box Office

When PRINCE OF PERSIA underperformed, a few articles and blogs popped up asserting that Jake Gyllenhal was the weakest link. Last week THE A-TEAM got stomped by THE KARATE KID, trailing it's fellow remake/re-imagining by $30 million. Already one piece has materialized laying partial blame on Bradley Cooper. It's true that the current crop of Hollywood's stars have no where near the pulling power of their predecessors. Even powerhouses like Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington have seen their prowess wane over the last decade plus.

So when a movie fails to break wide, would different casting choices have made the difference?

That's a question that only has merit when you're talking about a film where a majority of the other factors are clicking. On point direction, a tight script and a premise or story that the public gravitates to.

By no stretch of the imagination would PRINCE OF PERSIA have been a better movie with Vin Diesel as the lead. The A-TEAM could have been made 30 years ago with Harrison Ford and the script would still be problematic.

In a front loaded, opening weekend matters most world, maybe the films would have had larger grosses with a different faces. Eventually though, an audience still has to decide if a movie is worth recommending or not when they walk out into the light.

Unless you're filming a one man show, no actor by their lonesome has the power to mystify audiences into ignoring plot-holes, poor scripting, confused direction and an underwhelming premise. If that was so, then there's a host of actors whose records should be damn near spotless. However, in the history of film, no actor has escaped having a few duds on their resumes. No one.

Chez Studio June Workshop


Chez Studios June workshop will now be a comedy workshop. The Jason Wood workshop will take place in July. Our comedy workshop will now take place June 26th and 27th

As more work comes to Atlanta, there are exciting opportunities for casting comedy roles. We are adding more comedy training to our program.


*Katie teaches sketch comedy like you see on SNL. Sketch is a comedic exploration of a concept, character, or situation.

Katie Donahue was a stand up comedian in New York City and is known well in that market. She was also a part of an Improv troupe in Philadelphia, she traveled around to inner-city schools teaching Improv.

Her classes will teach Improv in a way that encourages actors to think out of the box as well as show off their personalities.

Katie is excited about working with Atlanta actors. According to Katie they are always happy to find new talent to introduce to the comedy market.

Our comedy series will include 3 comedy workshops that will be building blocks for the actor. The 1st starts with Katie, an agent. The 2nd will be lead by a successful comedy actor and the third will be with a top Casting Director that works with comedians.

The Chez Group 2221 Peachtree Rd NE Suite D, Box 335 Atlanta, GA 30309 404-603-8755 (O) 404-352-9328 (F)