Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project: All A, C, D, E, F, G & H Selfies and the 4-Day Highlight Video

The week of July 7 through July 10, in the year 2014, a whole mess of people gathered in theater 4 of Landmark Midtown Art Cinema for 8 screenings. The reason for this gatherings? Lo, it was to watch what 48 hours of mad dashery, energy drinks, no sleep and creativity had wrought, projected for all to see. 

Watch the highlight video and revel in the selfies taken by these band of crazies.

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CinemATL Selfies/Highlight Reel: 2014 ATL 48HFP A - D Screenings

Two days down, two days to go of 48 Hour Film Project screenings. Landmark Midtown's theater 4 has been vibrating with energy as teams see their hard work on screened for friends, family, strangers and the teams they were just competing against two weekends ago. 

The CinemATL camera was there to capture more selfies, floating among the crowd. And as a little bonus, I quickily cut together the a video using photos and footage from the A-D screenings.

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Atlanta Film Chat Podcast: 48 Hour Film Project Special Part 2

Location, location, location. Not only is it vital for real estate, it's a giant deal in the filmmaking business. If you don't have the right location for your movie everything can fall apart. However, it still gets left out of the conversation.

No more! With the Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project coming up in just a few days, we sat down with Location Manager Tony Holley to discuss this very topic. How do you get a location? What kind of paperwork do you need? What are some areas to avoid in Atlanta? We talk about all this and more, so listen up!

If you missed Part 1 of this series, make sure to listen to City Producers Paula Martinez and Gabe Wardell talk about the festival and give tips on how to make the best movie possible. While you're there, go ahead and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes to get future episodes. We have some exciting stuff coming up and you won't want to miss out.

Good luck to everyone participating in the 48 Hour Film Project!

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Atlanta Film Chat Podcast: 48 Hour Film Project Special Part 2

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48 Hour Film Project Audience Award Winners Announced

Today, the 48 Hour Film Project announced the audience award winners for the Atlanta 2010 edition. The winners are: Audience Award—GROUP A

"Always Remember the Little Things" Suspense/Thriller Whatever Jeff Shipman

Audience Award—GROUP B

"Reel Life: I Live with a Method Actor" Mockumentary Lemon Party Matt Swinsky

Audience Award—GROUP C

"Detention" Comedy Mavin Pat Clark

Audience Award—GROUP D

"The Unstoppable Edwina Chambers" Film De Femme DIM Pictures Anthony McHie

Audience Award—GROUP E

"Pray" Heist FUGO Studios Eric Haviv

Audience Award—GROUP F

"It’s in the Bag" Mockumentary Godmother Productions Linda Harding