Six Reels: Take One

This is it, the inaugural launch! Featured are reels from Cinematographer Justin Stearns, Actors Ron Bush, AJ Jones and Carlyn Cosby-Phillips, Unit Stills/BTS Photographer Boris Martin, and Stunt Actor Justin Krall. If you like what you see, contact info and website information is included. 

Six Reels is CinemATL's recurring spotlight on the work of cast and crew in the Southeast. Submit Your Reel to be considered for a future Six Reels.

Ron Bush - Actor

Creator Statement: I have been blessed to work on some great projects and meet some amazing people while being an actor. Yes, Bill Murray and Naomi Watts are as amazing as you'd think. Also, Tyler Perry thought I was an actual News Anchor while I did some improv in my scene! :)

Background: I'm an actor in Atlanta via L.A., NY and Baltimore. I wasn't always an actor. I started off studying management at Georgia Tech and got my MBA from Georgia State. However, I found that acting is my one true bliss. I can't imagine doing anything else. I moved back to Atlanta several years ago because I knew it was the right place to be, and I was right. Atlanta has been great to me and I'm so glad I chose to move back down here. This market is getting bigger every year and I can't wait to see what the future holds for this city, out industry and my career!


AJ Jones - Actor

Creator Statement: I'm an Atlanta-based actor and Co-founder and President of Nova House, a membership service that provides audition taping for actors, soon to be the actor's and artist's hub of Atlanta. I love working with local directors and furthering the Atlanta market for actors and writers.

Credits: Being Mary Jane - BET, If Loving You Is Wrong - OWN, The Liberator - History Channel
(818) 471-5096


Boris Martin - Unit Stills/BTS/Specials Photographer

Creator Statement: I think it is pretty unusual to see a "reel" from a stills photographer. Enjoy the images and if you like what you see, get in touch with me and let's work together!

Background: I started out in working in films in the Transportation Department. Soon after I became a 'spark', a lighting technician/electrician which I enjoyed very much. Loved to work with light, paint the set with it and see how it gives life to the set.

Because of my background in photography, one day I got this opportunity to work as an assistant photographer/second unit photographer in a major motion picture. I felt right at home in that role with camera in hand, tucked away, shooting stars. I decided right there and then that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Since then I was fortunate to hone my skills in some cool films and I can't wait to shoot tons more!


Carlyn Cosby-Phillips - Actor

Creator Statement: I am a Southeast Actor who has appeared in three leading roles to date! My five-year journey into acting started with a guest appearance on the Tyra Bank’s Show where I appeared as a makeup expert on her Beauty Tips Around the World Show.

Credits: Murder Calls, BET Tales, Fatal Attraction, Dead of Night, Ballers - HBO
(678) 404-9591


Justin Stearns - Cinematographer

Creator Statement: My filmmaking journey since 2010 has driven me to work in many genres of filmmaking. The more projects I have the privilege to work on, the more opportunities I see to play with shadow and light and how reflective they are at revealing, or hiding aspects of the story and characters.

Credits and Accolades: Who (2014) WINNER -, Forgot to Charge my Lightsaber - WINNER, First Kiss (2017) - Official Selection Horror in the Hills Film Fest, Days of the Dead, Prairie Lights Film Festival, Backup Film Festival, Atlanta ShortsFest
(706) 809-0225    


Justin Krall - Stunt Actor

Creator Statement: Movement is one of the most pure forms of performance to me. I have been inspired by Atlanta Film Community and wish to bring the entirety of my passion to the community.
(585) 309-2418

Music by Derek Graham. See youtube description for details.