CinemATL Show: "The Lost Episodes" finally unearthed!

On June 21, the folks at the CinemATL Podcast shot a pilot for a TV Show called the "CinemATL Show" (clever, huh?). It was basically a 30-minute TV show version of our monthly podcast. We hoped to air the show on TV, but alas the pilot was not picked up to run on TV. This is the UNEDITED audio feed from those lost pilot episodes.

Listen in as we review "Rough Night" with our friend and local actress Candace Mabry in Episode 1, then stick around for Episode 2 where we interview Candace about being an actress in the ATL.

The show is currently being re-evaluated and maybe retooled in some form or another to run on GSU TV. If not, we will continue on with the CinemATL Podcast you know and love. 

But seeing how "Rough Night" is already out of theaters and will soon be coming out On Demand and on DVD, we wanted to at least give you the chance to hear our thoughts on the film and share Candace's knowledge with you!