Atlanta Film Chat Learns All About the Return of Splatter Cinema

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For years Splatter Cinema scared us and made us cringe by showing classic gory films like Blood Feast, Suspiria, Dead Alive, and Cannibal Holocaust. They made it a unique experience by building fun props and scenes ripped straight from the film, giving guests a memorable evening whenever they came out.

Much to horror fans' dismay Splatter Cinema vanished for a while. It's hard to keep a good ghoul down, however, and the monthly event is back up and running. It's a little different now, though, as it's entirely dependent on fans whether or not it exists.

Atlanta Film Chat brought on reps Benjamin Ruder and Lucas Godfrey to talk about the new age of  Splatter Cinema and what we can expect from their 35MM showing of grindhouse classic Cannibal Ferox (Make Them Die Slowly) at Cinevision on August 15th.

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