Too Many Cooks Butcher William Tokarsky Discusses Making the Short and His Upcoming Projects

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Do I really need to introduce this Atlanta Film Chat guest? Well I will anyway. William Tokarsky played the creepy killer in Adult Swim's Too Many Cooks short. He recently reprised his role in Dad's Garage & Friends at the Fabulous Fox Theatre  which included Too Many Cooks the Musical and is affectionately known as "Creepy Uncle Bill."

The best part is he's a super nice guy and a lot of fun to talk to! Molly, Chuck, and special guest host Michael "Breezy Keys" Jones (who made the music for the podcast) got to hang out with William and hear his story and all the fun projects he has coming up. One of those is former guest Brian Lonano's Gwilliam which he talks about. We also go into how he got started in the acting game, the sprawl of Atlanta film, and a bunch more!


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