Archer Animator Allyssa Lewis Talks Her Animation Startup My Animation Life

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One of the main things the Atlanta community has to remember as we go forward is the idea of lifting up others who work in the community. While you were able to figure out how to "break in" that doesn't necessarily mean it someone else equally as talented will have the same entry point.

Allyssa Lewis, animator on F/X show Archer realized this. There are a ton of animation projects in the area and around the country that need animators but the resources aren't there to connect the two worlds. Well, there wasn't, but now Allyssa's startup My Animation Life looks to change that.

Allyssa came on to talk about My Animation Life, working on Archer, and her favorite parts of animating. She also goes into what animators can do to help get their name out there including making a brand for yourself. Those interested in breaking in, pay attention!


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