Zach Lamplugh From Comedy Showcase Ladie's Night Visits Atlanta Film Chat

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Where do you show your short films? Other than big festivals like the Atlanta Film Festival, wouldn't it be nice to be able to show them more consistently? More importantly, wouldn't it be nice to show them to a crowd that could help you workshop and figure out where things aren't working?

Ladie's Night (yes, that's the way they spell it!) is such an event to show off your comedy films. Zach Lamplugh, creator of Ladie's Night, came on the Atlanta Film Chat podcast to tell us what visitors can expect and why everyone should submit a funny short. He also talks about the importance of workshopping films, editing an episode of Adult Swim's Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, and how running up to people in parking lots leads to film submissions.

Want to check out what Ladie's Night has to offer? Their next show is on May 28th. Hit up their Facebook page for more info!


Film Bar Mondays this week (5/18) is at Argosy and next week (5/25) it's at Mac Magee's. There's also Film Bar Wednesday at Johnnie MacCracken's in Marietta on 5/20 for you OTP peeps!

Interested in the Poltergeist remake? The Plaza Theatre is showing it on May 21st for 24 hours straight! Go see it at 3 AM and get the poo scared out of you.

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