Martin Kelley Chats About the Atlanta Screenwriters Group

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We're back to regular episodes! Our first post ATLFF podcast is with Martin Kelley, President of the Atlanta Screenwriters Group. If you're interested in the screenwriting process whatsoever the ASG should be one of your first stops. There you'll read scripts out loud, the way they're meant to be read, and dissect it bit by bit. A setting like this is the best way for a writer to see if they have gold or garbage.

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Martin tells us all about the origins of the group and how the process works. He also discusses the beginnings of this very site and why covering local films is so important. On top of that, if you went to the Atlanta Film Festival, you likely saw several people wearing "blackhats" caps. Martin was one of the screenwriters for that film and he gives us a small preview of what's to come.


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