Atlanta Film Chat's Coverage of the Atlanta Film Festival Continues with Dante's Down the Hatch

It's time! The festival is upon us but there's still time for one more episode before we're all bogged down with watching films and having fun. This isn't the last festival special, mind you - we have two more coming your way very soon so make sure to subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher.

Today's episode is with Jef Bredemeier who directed the documentary Dante's Down the Hatch. Most Atlanta natives and many tourists know Dante's was one of the most famous restaurants in the city until it closed in 2013. Jef, who worked at Dante's for years, took it upon himself to document the end of an era.

Dante's plays March 29th 4:30 PM at Plaza - HOWEVER,  if you don't already have tickets, it is sold out. Don't fret though, there is a showing later that day at 7 PM at the Plaza.


The second edition of Film Bar Wednesday is tonight March 18th. It takes place at Johnnie MacCracken's in Marietta. The next Film Bar Monday is March 23rd at Mac Magee's.

Check our Twitter account for updates on what films we're going to at the festival so you can come say hi!

Zombie Cat Productions' TV pilot Pepper's Place is showing at the festival on March 28th at 10 PM. Make sure to grab tickets left as they're going fast!

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