The Creators of the Archangel Webseries Visit Atlanta Film Chat

Hey, where have we been, young man/lady? Yeah, we're a little late this week - a mix of Dragoncon recovery, disease, and other factors got in the way. But fear not, as our latest episode makes up for the tardiness!

You've no doubt seen some mention of the Internet webseries Archangel: From the Winter's End Chronicles. Maybe you came across it because of your love of steampunk or you regularly watch SyFy series Heroes of Cosplay or you just love Yaya Han. Whatever the case, the series is taking the web by storm, and we were lucky enough to get THREE of the minds behind it!

Dave Di Pietro (writer/director), Shane Swor (stunts coordinator), and Jeff Burdett (producer) came out to Zombie Cat HQ to talk about the series, how they managed to snag Yaya Han, and even let slip some exclusives about what the future holds for the show!

Check it out below or grab the episode on iTunes:

Episode 17 - Archangel: From the Winter's End Chronicles

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