The First Film Bar Monday Was a Success! We Have the Pics to Prove It

The first Film Bar Monday went down this past Monday at The Independent and it was glorious. About 60 folks showed up. As I was leaving, Runa from The Independent and I boldly asked, okay, Runa boldly asked Ludacris who was hanging outside smoking a stogie if we could take a pic. It was a great end to the evening (which I needed since my spades partner and I lost bad, like real bad). Which was about 10:30pm when we left if must ask. As we've been saying 8pm is the unoffical end time.

Huge thanks to Runa and The Independent staff for welcoming us, and thanks to Stina, Mike, Michelle, Y'allywood and all the folks that have helped promote Film Bar Mondays.


And thanks to Andrew Alonso who looped in our next stop. We'll be doing Film Bar Mondays again this Monday, August 11, 6pm

Joystick Gamebar
427 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, Georgia 30312

We'll start at 6 and we will see where we end. No cards. No headshots. No desperation. Just drinking, conversation, community.

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