Rome International Film Festival is Back! RIFF Announces 2014 Lineup

Step in the wayback machine with me to 2006 to 2009. Why this time period? During those years, a tradition of Atlanta filmmakers treking to Rome, Georgia for the Rome International Film Festival was in full force. 

A few of us would get hotel rooms, some for the weekend, some for just a night, and we'd enjoy a great selection of films, the beautiful scenery and hospitality Rome style. The ability to walk Broad Street to access all the venues and restaurants added to the appeal. In the years I attended RIFF, and stayed the entire fest, I had to move my car once. And that was so I could get batteries for my camera. My car never moved till I was heading home.

By 2009, that rite of fall was no more. Which was a little sad. RIFF is one of the first festivals CinemATL organized a meetup at. It's at RIFF I met Mary Badham, who played Scout inTo Kill a Mockingbird. I spent hours talking to her. That was a coup for RIFF, because Badham doesn't do many events. And for a lot of filmmakers, it was through RIFF we made some long lasting friendships. That's how I met CinemATL contributor Tracy Page in person. 

RIFF"s new logo updates the fests look, while paying homage to one of Rome's most iconic landmarks, the City Clock Tower

RIFF"s new logo updates the fests look, while paying homage to one of Rome's most iconic landmarks, the City Clock Tower

This year's lineup, the updated logo, combined with some of the discussions I've had with organizers (specifically Cameron McCallister of Reel Georgia and a CinemATL friend and partner), leads me to think that a new generation of Atlanta filmmakers will be hanging in North Georgia soon. 

Below is the lineup for this year. I encourage anyone, filmmaker or casual movie fan, who wants to enjoy a nice daytrip, to consider visiting RIFF for a few hours. Be sure to walk the Heritage Park Trail that runs along side the Oostanaula River. I'll be carving what time I can, so look for me there.

The Forgotten Kingdom

The Forgotten Kingdom


September festival to screen 61 feature-length and short films from all over the world

ROME, GEORGIA  — Earlier this month, the Rome International Film Festival (RIFF) announced No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Move  and B.F.E.  as the opening and closing night films, respectively, of its 11th annual festival. Now, RIFF is pleased to announce the complete lineup of its four-day September event.

“Just as in the past, we are really living up to the ‘International’ in our name this year,” said Festival Director Kimberly Klabel. Though dozens of the festival’s official selections are American—many of which have played at other prestigious Southeastern festivals like the Atlanta Film Festival, the Sarasota Film Festival and the Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham, Alabama—films from Australia, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Lesotho, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom are all included in the 61-film lineup.

Four selections have been highlighted as Spotlight Films. On Friday, September 5th, “Fight Church” will screen. Directed by Bryan Storkel and Daniel Junge, the documentary explores the strange but growing Christian MMA scene. Later that night, New Orleans-shot comedy “Father-Like Son,” directed by Mac Alsfield, will be featured. On Saturday, September 6th, “Limo Ride,” from Atlanta-based filmmakers Gideon C. Kennedy and Marcus Rosentrater, will pull into the DeSoto. Set and shot in Alabama, the film is a hilarious and experimental blend of documentary and feature-length reenactment. On Sunday, September 7th, Andrew Mudge’s “The Forgotten Kingdom” will screen. The South African and Lesothoan coproduction recently won three African Oscars. Producer TR Boyce Jr. will be in attendance for the festival. These films are listed along with the complete lineup below.

For over a decade, RIFF has showcased an incredible diversity in independent filmmaking from nearly every part of the earth. Workshops and the returning annual Makeup Competition will be announced soon. The 11th annual RomeInternational Film Festival runs from September 4-7, 2014 at the DeSoto Theatre on Rome’s famed Broad Street. Tickets and passes will be available at the box office during the festival and are available for purchase online now at romeinternationalfilmfestival.corg


Directed by Troy Kotsur, USA, 79 minutes
Thursday, September 4 — 7:00 PM

SuperDeafy must reveal the man behind the cape to find true love and inspire a young deaf boy to believe in himself. A beloved character and role model, SuperDeafy has a worldwide following. He has been immortalized on t-shirts, posters and dolls—and now a movie. NO ORDINARY HERO marks the first time in cinematic history that a SAG commercial feature film was made exclusively by deaf executive producers and a deaf director. The film will be 100% open captioned every screening. Oscar-winning actress Marlee Matlin headlines. Producers Doug Matejka, Taly Ravid, and Liz Tennebaum as well as actor John Maucere will be in attendance.


Directed by Bryan Storkel & Daniel Junge, USA, 83 minutes
Friday, September 5 — 7:00 PM

Exploring the confluence of Christianity and Mixed Martial Arts, FIGHT CHURCH follows several pastors and fighters in a quest to reconcile their faith with a sport that some consider violent and barbaric. Faith is tried and questions are raised. Can you really love your neighbor as yourself and then punch him in the face?

Directed by Mac Alsfield, USA, 93 minutes
Friday, September 5 — 9:00 PM

With the unexpected death of Clark’s dad, his mother, Helen, quickly remarries a man of the same age as her son. Dan, a 24-year-old “inventor,” becomes increasingly hell-bent on raising the boy as his own. Pressured by his parents to find a job, Clark sets out on a gauntlet of misleading and dangerous interviews, finally landing a job at a local bookstore. It is here that he meets Emily, a beautiful and quick-witted girl who helps Clark to tread against the waters of his own pessimistic views on love and marriage in order to reconcile his relationship with his mother and ensure the future well being of his family. Director and lead actor Mac Alsfield will be in attendance.

Directed by Gideon C. Kennedy & Marcus Rosentrater, USA, 74 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 9:00 PM

When a group of friends hired a limousine to take them to the beach for their annual New Years rite of passage, the last thing they expected was to find themselves kidnapped, stripped, stranded and left for dead on a dirt road 24 hours later, fighting to survive. A true tale told by those who lived it, these ten Southern raconteurs are as practiced in spinning great yarns as they are in hard living. By combining the narration of the actual participants with feature-length re-enactment, "Limo Ride" transforms the greatest bar story ever told into a wild, experimental docu-comedy. Director Marcus Rosentrater will be in attendance.

Directed by Andrew Mudge, South Africa/Lesotho, 97 minutes
Sunday, September 7 — 7:00 PM

Atang leaves the slums of the big city to bury his estranged father in the remote, mountainous village where he was born. Befriended by an orphan herd-boy and stirred by memories of his youth, he falls in love with his childhood friend, Dineo, now a radiant young teacher. Through her, Atang is drawn to the mystical beauty and hardships of the people, and faces his own bittersweet reckoning. Producer TR Boyce Jr. will be in attendance.


Directed by Shawn Telford, USA, 98 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 7:00 PM

Boredom and bad decisions are a part of life in far-off places like BFE. Young and old struggle to live free or die trying. Grampa has a terminal illness but won’t go down without a fight. His grandson, Ian, tries to teach the old man how to live, while simultaneously trying to catch the eye of the troubled and angelic Ellie—whose feelings for Ian may be more than mutual. The problem is, Ellie’s popular boyfriend, Zack—like everyone else in this isolated town on the edge of nowhere—doesn’t want to be the last virgin. Director Shawn Telford will be in attendance.


Directed by Juli Jackson, USA, 97 minutes
Sunday, September 7 — 5:00 PM

Charlie Clark is a struggling artist who seeks a connection between her artwork and her deceased father’s music. Out of her element in Memphis, Charlie meets Louie Traxler, a record store owner and an obsessive collector who sees a chance to do what he does best. The two of them scour the South in search of an elusive copy of her father’s only 45RPM record. Director Juli Jackson will be in attendance.

Directed by Matt Rabinowitz, USA, 91 minutes
Friday, September 5 — 3:00 PM

Sean, a retired literature professor and civic activist, writes a letter to his estranged son, Tennessee, a ranch hand. Tennessee is uncertain how to respond, but knowing he should see his aging father, he decides to go home. Tennessee arrives just as Nina, Sean’s personal trainer fresh off a bad breakup, accepts Sean’s offer to move in and help him write his memoirs. The tension between Sean and Tennessee is ever-present. As Sean and Nina work, Tennessee avoids his overbearing father with fix-up projects around the house. One evening after Nina has gone out, Sean and Tennessee find themselves alone in the house for the first time.

Directed by Alexis Boling, USA, 94 minutes
Friday, September 5 — 5:00 PM

Kim Getty is an immigrant from 400 years in the future, sent back in time to live out an easier life. It’s a one-way trip of difficult isolation, but in the three years since she landed, Kim has built a life that feels almost satisfying. She has a full time job, shares an apartment with a roommate, and is falling in love. But when she stumbles on a teenage girl who is also from the future, Kim’s remade sense of self is tested. After the girl leads Kim to her long-lost husband, now 20 years older than her and maladjusted to this time, Kim’s carefully designed identity begins to unravel. Director Alexis Boling and Producer Bodine Boling will be in attendance.


Directed by Seth Ingram, USA, 57 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 5:00 PM

Documenting the mysterious life of William Anderson Smith (a.k.a. “Bell Tree” Smith), BLIND TIGER is set at the turn of the century in Bluffton, Alabama, then one of the most prosperous towns in the Southeast. A self-made millionaire, Bell Tree fought hard against Prohibition, all while living by his own rules and making a financial killing deep in the backwoods of Smith Hollow, where his “blind tiger speakeasy” wetted the appetites of both high-browed politicians and dusty old miners near the once-booming iron ore town. Director Seth Ingram will be in attendance.

Directed by Peter Harding & Shane Valdés, USA, 80 minutes 
Sunday, September 7 — 9:00 PM 

Prolific American songwriter, producer, family man and Rome-native Butch Walker may be unknown to the millions of fans of such artists as Fall Out Boy, Taylor Swift, Train  and Pink—for example—with whom he has produced hit records for.  To industry insiders, he is considered as ‘the musicians’ musician.’ To the adoring fans of the prodigious records created under his own name,  Butch Walker is an underground god. A hidden gem and uncompromising  servant to his craft, Butch's rock-and-roll fairy tale comes into focus as  directors Peter Harding and Shane Valdés capture key notes in the lyrical life  of one of today's most acclaimed and respected singer-songwriters.  With a non-invasive lens, the directors capture candid footage of the man  behind the music—and the glimpses are nothing short of inspiring—from a fly  on the wall of his studio sessions, to the streets and clubs of fan-crazed  crowds, to the ‘trampoline’ wisdom of his pre-school son. When you meet Atlanta's favorite rock-son's  ailing father ’Big Butch,’ it is clear where this man  found his moral rock.

Directed by Joe Compton, USA, 96 minutes
Sunday, September 7 — 1:00 PM

Set against a backdrop of post-Katrina New Orleans, BY AND BY is a classic family story of change vs. tradition, young vs. old, focused on a son's unavoidable conflict: to continue the 46 year musical legacy of his father, or to strike out on his own. At the center of the film is the Electrifying Crown Seekers, a powerful New Orleans gospel quartet that USA Today called “more explosive than any rock headliner.”

Directed by David Gaynes, USA/Israel, 72 minutes
Sunday, September 7 — 3:00 PM

Choosing life in life’s final chapter is the poignant subtext of NEXT YEAR JERUSALEM, a lyrical portrait of eight nursing home residents who travel to Israel on a tour. Earnest and nuanced, the film is a poetic exploration of living and dying, hope and fear, travel and memory. It is a celebration of human experience and a reverent tribute to life's eldest travelers.

Directed by Christine Anthony & Owen Masterson, USA, 62 minutes
Friday, September 5 — 11:00 PM

Who goes to war and who returns? TERRA FIRMA weaves together the stories of three female veterans who served in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq in the early days of Bush's War on Terror. After struggling for years with combat related PTSD they have all found ways to heal the hidden wounds of war through farming. RIFF award-winning Directors Christine Anthony and Owen Masterson will be in attendance.

Directed by David Hanson, Michael Hanson & Andrew Kornylak, USA, 48 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 1:00 PM

It's a conflict once unthinkable in the deep green South. Three states are locked in battle over the diminishing fresh water that saw Atlanta go from a small town to the fastest-growing city in the US. Who’s in control? It depends on who you talk to.

In this stunningly-shot, award-winning documentary, brothers Michael and David Hanson return to the source of their childhood river and paddle it to the Gulf of Mexico to take you deep into the Water Wars. Everything comes down to one question.


Directed by Jonathan Wysocki, USA, 6 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 3:00 PM (Narrative Shorts)

Trust issues are tested as a gay male couple shop for their first mattress.

Director Jonathan Wysocki will be in attendance.

Directed by Jonathan Rej, USA, 40 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 11:00 PM (Saturday Midnight Shorts)

Where will you be when the Zombie Apocalypse begins? Hopefully not stuck in a cheesy Haunted House wishing you could find a better weapon than a plastic machete. Four friends rely on their wits and the help of costumed Haunted House employees to survive the night. Director Jonathan Rej and crew will be in attendance.

Directed by Blake Curtis, Australia, 14 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 3:00 PM (Narrative Shorts)

Juliet, a beautiful but straight-laced psychologist, is forced to return to her small hometown after her girlfriend, a carefree artist named Lydia, discovers a wedding invitation. As soon as they arrive in Port Fairy, Lydia realizes Juliet is deflecting questions of her past and keeping Lydia at arms-length.

Directed by Nikhil Khamkar, India, 17 minutes
Friday, September 5 — 11:00 PM (Friday Midnight Shorts)

A 35-year-old man is returning to his village home. It’s night and a fellow passenger talks about recent ghost happenings. Now panicked, he continues down the road until he faces a very strange being. Who is he? Is he living or...?

Directed by Alex Thompson, USA, 15 minutes
Friday, September 5 — 5:00 PM (with MOVEMENT AND LOCATION)

A husband and wife must confront their age and relationship on the evening of her birthday.

Directed by Jianna Maarten, USA, 18 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 11:00 PM (Saturday Midnight Shorts)

Everyone has secrets. Renata and Phillip know their marriage is dissolving under the weight of perfection: the perfect house, the perfect job, the perfect life, and now the perfect cozy dinner with friends. Renata knows they can make it right, fix things somehow. But she doesn't count on how fast their glass walls can shatter, how fast the secrets can come spilling out.

Directed by Nicole Powell, USA, 8 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 5:00 PM (with BLIND TIGER)

Free Art Friday ATL is an ongoing city-wide social art scavenger hunt. Art pieces are hidden around the city and photos are posted on social media using #FAFATL. If you are first to find the art, you get to keep it and take it home with you absolutely free. Director Nicole Powell will be in attendance.

Directed by Brittany Williams, USA, 2 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 11:00 AM (Kid Cinema)

Prehistoric creatures compete for the jungle's most delicious fruit.

Directed by Ammar Nassri, USA, 4 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 11:00 AM (Kid Cinema)

A farmer wakes up early to go get the last garbanzos in the universe. On his way back, he is faced with several obstacles that he needs to overcome in order for him to bring the garbanzos to his little daughter. The story is inspired by the conflict of interests between different parties over the revolution in Syria.

Directed by Brandon Vedder, USA, 15 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 11:00 PM (Saturday Midnight Shorts)

When a fabled man in their rough backwoods named Gentleman calls on them, Abel & Sam nervously head out to the darks to investigate.

Directed by Kristin Skye Sargent, Australia, 13 minutes
Friday, September 5 — 3:00 PM (with THE FRONTIER)

Sam, a 9-year-old introvert, struggles to deal with the guilt of his fathers death, his obsession with fishing and his school bullies.

Directed by Pavel Kvatch, New Zealand, 15 minutes
Friday, September 5 — 1:00 PM (World Shorts)

A Russian immigrant takes a stand against an unwelcoming neighbor.

Directed by Pete Riski, UK, 11 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 3:00 PM (Narrative Shorts)

A troubled man arrives in a remote forest with the sole intention of ending his life, but when a stranger intervenes, he's forced to confront the tragic events that drove him here in the first place.

Directed by Pierluca di Pasquale, Italy, 15 minutes
Friday, September 5 — 1:00 PM (World Shorts)

A young man wakes up in the dark kitchen of a restaurant. He is wounded; he has been beaten up and tied to a chair. Moreover, his arms are tied up and sunk into a bucket of ice and blood. He does not remember what happened to him so his two torturers—a woman and a man, both Asian—help him reconstruct the events.

Directed by Nora Graven, USA, 3 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 11:00 AM (Kid Cinema)

A little girl dreams of owning her own star and a little boy will stop at nothing to make her dream come true.

Directed by Michael Fitzgerald, USA, 21 minutes
Friday, September 5 — 11:00 PM (Friday Midnight Shorts)

Mitch and Izzy are the last unmarried couple in a group of friends and so out of spite and with the help of a little booze, they decide to take the plunge.


Directed by Francesca Murdoch, USA, 17 minutes

Saturday, September 6 — 3:00 PM (Narrative Shorts)

Sarah Hale may be the only person who truly cares about her classmate, James Winters. When his family problems become unbearable, will Sarah's love be enough to save James? Director Francesca Murdoch will be in attendance.

Directed by Andrej Landin, Sweden, 25 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 3:00 PM (Narrative Shorts)

Under desperate circumstances, and across vast distances, an intense connection is made.

Directed by Juan Diego de Obarrio, USA, 3 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 11:00 AM (Kid Cinema)

Old Jebediah just wants to sit down and watch some TV. But does it have to be so hard? Well, if your idea of DIY repair involves administering vicious blunt force trauma with whatever object you can find, then yes, it can.

Directed by Dania Bdeir, Lebanon, 12 minutes
Friday, September 5 — 1:00 PM (World Shorts)

Amer is a 7-year-old dreamy boy captivated by the colors of his imagination. He lives in a rough Beirut neighborhood where he sees his father struggling to make ends meet. One night, Amer sneaks out and follows his father to what he thinks is going to be a magical father-son adventure, only to find himself overcome by the streets of reality.

Directed by Carrie Frazier, USA, 8 minutes
Friday, September 5 — 11:00 PM (Friday Midnight Shorts)

A husband and wife try to rekindle their sex life with a little experimenting, until two robbers disrupt their night. With her husband tied up, the wife decides to take matters into her own hands.

Directed by Andrew Lee, USA, 11 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 3:00 PM (Narrative Shorts)

Stranded by the side of a road, a stepfather attempts to bond with his new children as they wait for assistance.

Directed by Trey Shults, USA, 14 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 11:00 PM (Saturday Midnight Shorts)

Krisha has not seen her family for many years. When Krisha decides to join her family for a holiday dinner, tensions escalate and Krisha struggles to keep her own demons at bay.

Directed by Nino Christen, Switzerland, 7 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 11:00 AM (Kid Cinema)

On an island, at the edge of the woods, a watchman and his bird live a miserable and isolated life. One day a deceptive chance came up to escape the boredom. But great danger lurks behind it.

Directed by Richard Tavernaro, USA, 7 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 11:00 AM (Kid Cinema)

A young boy has the adventure of a lifetime while spending the day at work with his father over spring break. Director Richard Tavernaro will be in attendance.

Directed by Jon Goldman, USA, 15 minutes
Sunday, September 7 — 5:00 PM (with 45RPM)

Randall spends his days imagining the vibrant inner lives of various vendors at the multicultural urban market where he works; none more so than Angela, an angel with her own pastry shop. But Randall's inattention to his work has lead to a string of thefts and soon threatens to cost him his job.

Directed by Jean-Francois Asselin, Canada, 15 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 11:00 PM (Saturday Midnight Shorts)

Mathieu seeks all ways to attract attention to himself. It is a matter of survival: you think of me so I am.

Directed by Nour Ghabi, Italy/Japan, 15 minutes
Friday, September 5 — 1:00 PM (World Shorts)

There is a fine line between love and hate.

Directed by Joanne Postlewaite, UK, 2 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 11:00 AM (Kid Cinema)

In a dystopian future a strange encounter breaks up the monotony of a man's working day.

Directed by Barbara S. Mueller, Austria, 15 minutes
Friday, September 5 — 1:00 PM (World Shorts)

What is love, really? Does this word still have its value in present times where the commercialized romantic promise of happiness has been elevated to the position of ideal?

Directed by Brian Campbell & Will Scott, USA, 40 minutes
Friday, September 5 — 10:00 AM (Keep Rome Beautiful)

New Year's Eve, 2010, midnight; amidst the revelry, thousands of blackbirds fall from the sky. Not far away, 100,000 drum fish wash up dead on the banks of the Arkansas River. Hazmat crews comb the region collecting the birds and community members worry and wonder what happened. Is it the end times, a military experiment, natural gas fracking, or fireworks? Director Brian Campbell will be in attendance.


Directed by Tim Guinee, USA, 27 minutes

Friday, September 5 — 11:00 PM (Friday Midnight Shorts)

A wealthy cotton gin executive is confronted by a disgruntled former employee demanding the return of an arm lost in the gin's machinery, in Oscar-winning writer Horton Foote's chilling drama, ONE ARMED MAN.

Directed by Bronwyn Walls, USA, 6 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 1:00 PM (Documentary Shorts)

Sonia Van Meter and Matthew Gilliland are two hopefuls in a one-way mission to Mars. In this moving short documentary, each share their motivations in choosing to leave earth behind forever.


Directed by Satsuki Okawa, USA, 14 minutes

Friday, September 5 — 9:00 PM (with FATHER-LIKE SON)

Ellen's best friend Jonah wants to create a unique and picturesque proposal to his girlfriend. Banding together with a group of friends, Ellen works diligently to ensure that the meticulously planned show of affection goes off without a hitch, but issues arise along the way. Ellen must overcome her feelings for Jonah and any past promises they made to each other for the proposal to go as planned.

Directed by Brian Graves, USA, 11 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 1:00 PM (Documentary Shorts)

THE PACKINGHOUSE is a short documentary about ghost tales that surround an old, eerie, and abandoned meat packing facility in Statesboro, Georgia. Director Brian Graves will be in attendance.

Directed by Jane Rosemont, USA, 33 minutes

Saturday, September 6 — 5:00 PM (with BLIND TIGER)

Why did Kathy Knapp, a Dallas businesswoman, leave her charmed life to bake pie in a dusty town with no traffic light, no gas station and sketchy utilities? Pie Town came upon its name honestly in the 1920s when a cattle rancher sold pie to supplement his income. Welcome to Pie Town, New Mexico. The name is no joke.

Directed by Giulio Poidomani, Italy, 16 minutes
Friday, September 5 — 1:00 PM (World Shorts)

This is the story of Nick as he searches for his lost dog, Catullo. Nick lives in a world where men hold a lid and women hold a pot. When they find the perfect match, the lid will fit the pot. During his journey, Nick will find his love.

Directed by Péter Vácz, Hungary, 16 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 11:00 AM (Kid Cinema)

The friendship of Rabbit and Deer is put to the test by Deer's new obsession to find the formula for the third dimension.

Directed by Marissa Bernstel, USA, 2 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 11:00 AM (Kid Cinema)

A young Forest Scout tries his best to get his very first badge, the “Animal Assistance Badge,” by helping an innocent turtle cross the street without breaking the handbook rules. Director Marissa Bernstel will be in attendance.

Directed by Tamarind King, Shir Wen Sun, Marisa Tontaveetong & Yu Ueda, USA, 4 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 11:00 AM (Kid Cinema)

A feral cat explores the bizarre landscape of the last drive-in theater in Atlanta, GA

Directed by Harrison Givens, USA, 21 minutes
Friday, September 5 — 11:00 PM (Friday Midnight Shorts)

After the death of his father, Henry Fleetwood embarks on a whimsical journey to find the meaning of life and death.

Directed by Justin Liberman, USA, 17 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 3:00 PM (Narrative Shorts)

Decades before the Civil War, the actions of a brutal overseer spark the fire of revolution on a Southern tobacco farm. Director Justin Liberman will be in attendance.


Directed by Tony Macías, Mexico, 15 minutes

Friday, September 5 — 1:00 PM (World Shorts)

Pancho Villa comes back from the grave to celebrate the 109 birthday of his former driver.


Directed by Charles Poekel, USA, 8 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 1:00 PM (Documentary Shorts)

A short film following the legendary entertainer Uncle Floyd as he performs at a mom-and-pop restaurant in Northern New Jersey.

Directed by Bryan Nastanski, USA, 14 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 1:00 PM (Documentary Shorts)

WE COS is a short documentary that looks into the lives of a few cosplayers. Director Bryan Nastanski will be in attendance.


Directed by Christine DeLorenzo, USA, 3 minutes
Saturday, September 6 — 3:00 PM (Narrative Shorts)

A studious woman deflects cheesy pick-up lines until the man with the car of her dreams comes along.



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