Horror Hotel Creator Ricky Hess Hangs Out with Atlanta Film Chat

Have you seen Horror Hotel yet? It's kind of hard not to - the webseries is on Hulu, Uverse, Xfinity, and practically everywhere else. It's also going to be at Dragoncon, as is creator Ricky Hess who recently came on the Atlanta Film Chat podcast!

Not only is an episode of Horror Hotel showing at the Dragoncon Film Festival, Ricky and his mom & dad (executive producer & screenwriter respectively) are hosting a series of panels. While you can find this info on the podcast, we'll list it here for your convenience:

All panels are at the Hyatt in the Fairlie Room.

Screenwriting: Al Hess, Friday August 29th 2:30 PM

Pre-Production: Planning is Key: Debbie Hess, Friday August 29th 10:00 AM

No Budget Filmmaking: Debbie Hess, Sunday August 31st 10:00 AM

Web Series: How They Did It Sunday: Sunday August 31st 4:00 PM

Make Good Editing Choices: Monday September 1st 11:30 AM

To see the Horror Hotel episode "Tilt," head to the Hyatt Learning Center Sunday August 31st at 1:00 PM.

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Grab the episode below or find it on iTunes:

Atlanta Film Chat Episode 14 - Dragoncon Special Part 3 - Ricky Hess

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