Atlanta Film Chat's Dragoncon Coverage Continues with Darrell Hazelrig

If you're like me, you've seen Darrell Hazlerig's floppy blonde hair all around town and thought, "Man, that guy is everywhere! Does he do a little bit of everything?" Well, turns out, he does, and often all by himself!

Atlanta Film Chat brought Darrell on because he's listed as an "attending professional" at Dragoncon - basically, they want him there because he works in the industry. Talking to him revealed quite a bit more, as we discussed his Avengers Assemble! episode premiering at the Con, his day job shooting industrial films, and how he got so involved in Atlanta's puppet scene, including working with New Puppet Order.

So check out the episode below and mark your calendars for Saturday night/early Sunday morning to check out Darrell's work! Also, we have plenty more Dragoncon coverage coming, so make sure to subscribe to the podcast.

Find the podcast here or download it on iTunes:

Atlanta Film Chat - Episode 13 - Dragon Special Part 2 - Darrell Hazelrig

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