Georgia Trailers: LIMO RIDE

If you've popped in from time to time, you may have read a post or two from Marcus Rosentrater here on CinemATL. Marcus is a lead animator at Floyd County Productions (Archer) and founder of Contraband Cinema. Before the animation and before the microcinema, he co-founded Climenole with his filmmaking partner Gideon Kennedy. Their latest film Limo Ride premiered at this year's Atlanta Film Festival to two sold screenings.

 The NSFW trailer for Limo Ride is live and ready to be beamed into your eye sockets. 

About Limo Ride

Ten friends tell the unbelievable true story of the New Year none of them would forget – when they hired a limousine to take them to the beach…only to find themselves left for dead on a dirt road 24 hours later. Broad subject – the greatest bar story ever told – meets experimental form in the debut feature-length docu-drama by filmmakers Gideon C. Kennedy and Marcus Rosentrater.

LIMO RIDE is a true tale told by those who lived it, ten Southern raconteurs as practiced in spinning great yarns as they are in hard living.

Interweaving the audio of the participants themselves with a fast-paced visual narrative, it is not just a catalogue of facts. The storytellers’ knack for exaggeration, the passage of time and mind-altering drugs guarantee that much. Instead, it is one story told ten different ways. Insightful contradictions along with unreliable support weave a modern myth that falls not just into the South’s tradition of oral history, but into the mythological traditions of any barroom, any campfire, any time, everywhere.

Climenole, LLC was founded in 2007 by Gideon Kennedy and Marcus Rosentrater. Since then, Climenole LLC has been producing a constant stream of short films, music videos, commercials and have begun production on a feature length film. The following is a list of Climenole's personal projects.