Stream of Consciousness: The Best Man Holiday (2013)

Stream of Consciousness aren't reviews as much as they are gut reactions unfiltered. It's the discussions, questions and thoughts that rise to the surface from the moment the credits scroll, the lights come up, and the audience files out of the theater.


The Best Man Holiday could have just focused on the Harper and Lance friendship. There's a strong story tucked inside the journey of two Black men post-college. By the end, the "strong" women were stock characters upon which plot points could hinge. They exist primarly to give the men moments to do manly things. The last third of the movie is Lance as Superman, with Harper as the sidekick who can't shoot straight. Lance's martyr complex and anger issues from the first film are still never fully resolved. It's rare to have three black marriages on screen, and it's rarer to see them in action. What might have been if these three marriages played out as three distinct storylines? And burried inside Shelby's storyline was an interesting story about a "gold digger" who is actually a savvy business woman and a flawed mother who cares about her kids. Do we really need to have another shrill, materialistic black woman added to the canon of shrill materialistic black women? Malcolm D. Lee amped up the troubling elements that weighed down the movies and novels about super successful black folks in the 1990s. I had my issues with The Best Man, mostly having do with Lance's anger and violent outbursts, I still enjoyed the movie alot. The Wood and The Best Man were films that placed black male comaradrie and friendship front and center in ways we hadn't seen before. Rick Famuyiwa and Lee gave the relationships room to breathe and gave us insights into why these men were friends and would likely remain to be. If Lee had found something along those lines to explore, this might have been more than just an excuse to bring back the original cast for another hurrah. 

Stream of Consciousness for The Best Man Holiday, watched Sunday, June 6 via Xfinity TV Go.