Atlanta Film Chat: John Pruner & Jessica Hinckle Talk About New Projects and More!

Image: Free to Yowl. Photograph by Nick Burchell.  Photographed is Scott Poythress (Django Reindhart) and Paul McClain (Schultz).

Image: Free to Yowl. Photograph by Nick Burchell. Photographed is Scott Poythress (Django Reindhart) and Paul McClain (Schultz).

Is it a sign of how super popular we are when guests are nervous to come on because they love the show? Maybe not, but we'll take it. John Pruner and Jessica Hinckle had some exciting projects they wanted to share so they came on recently to hang out with us.

One project, Edgar Allan Poe's Mystery Theatre, will be on your TV very soon - this fall, in fact! GPB is showing it in October as part of their spooktacular Halloween programming. They also wanted to talk about the Kickstarter for Free to Yowl, a short film they've actually already partially shot. 

In podcast news, we're going to be roaming around Dragoncon this year. We somehow were granted press status so we get to interview lots of fun people. We'll have more details about our visit soon!

Check out the episode below or grab it on iTunes:

Atlanta Film Chat Episode 11 - John Pruner & Jessica Hinckle

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