Atlanta Film Chat Hosts an Atlanta Filmmakers Reunion

Years ago four filmmakers, a screenwriter, a director, an actor, and an art department-er, came together to make a terrible, terrible sales trailer for a horror film. Since then they've split off into their own worlds, with one of them heading off to Hollywood to attend USC. As a result, reunions are rare.

Now because of Atlanta Film Chat such a reunion came to pass! Chuck (screenwriter) and Molly (art department), hosts of AFC, welcomed Gerrit Hamilton (actor) and Dustin Jacobs (director) to Zombie Cat Productions' brand new space at the Metropolitan for an evening of laughs and catching up.

As luck would have it, the scandal surrounding The Interview was raging so that naturally came up. Also Dustin and Molly argue about Atlanta versus Los Angeles, Gerrit goes into the tough life of a struggling actor, and Chuck ruins a few jokes. While it's not the usual hard-hitting behind-the-scenes look at the Atlanta film community usually provided, check it out if you want some stories of the people behind Atlanta Film Chat and how everyone has changed over the years.

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