Won Chung Discusses the Many Jobs of an Assistant Director on Atlanta Film Chat

If you've ever worked on a film set, you know it's not all glitz and glamour. In fact, it's way more grit & grime than anything else. One role that keeps all this madness from spiraling into chaos is the assistant director department.

Won Chung, who has AD experience on projects like Archangel, Pepper's Place, and Congratulations, as well as production secretary experience with projects like Drumline 2 and Single Ladies, came on Atlanta Film Chat to talk about this world most never see. He discusses what an AD actually does, how he got into it, and even why food is so crucial to a calm set!

Won also gives tips to producers and directors out there on how they can communicate better with the AD department and create a better work environment.

Download or listen to the episode below:

Direct Download: Episode 21 - Won Chung

iTunes: Episode 21 - Won Chung


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