GA Filmmakers, Actors & Crews! What Do YOU Want to Ask the Film Community? Talk About? Help Us Decide Future Articles and Questions.

CinemATL + Reel Georgia is beginning to put together the roudtable discussion that will be a followup to our questions asking actors how filmmakers in the community can help them. Thinking on questions for us to include in future What Do You Think? posts, we want know: What questions would YOU ask the Filmmaking Community? What topics are on the top of your mind? What discussions would help us grow the film community? What areas could we cover to correct misconceptions and myths?



The health of any community can be measured by how honest the conversations they engage in really are.

What Do You Think? is CinemATL and Reel GA's forum to share your opinions and thoughts on a variety of questions and issues with the community.

We DON'T ask for personal information and this form doesn't do any tracking. You will remain anonymous,. So answer freely and don't pull your punches. If you want to stand by your answers, please include your name and email at the end of one of your answers. We will email you to verify that it really was you who provided the answers before posting.

Deadline to submit your thoughts is Wednesday, February 13, 11:59pm. We will post responses a few days after that.

For space, time and to feature a variety of perspectives, we may not post every answer we receive (when don't include all answers submitted, it usually means we received so many answers, including them all would make for dense reading). We may edit submissions for length and clarity. We will not edit for grammar.