To George: A message from Andy Ditzler

This week filmmaker George Kuchar passed away. Andy Diztler -- the curator of Film Love, an ongoing series of experimental film in Atlanta -- knew Mr. Kuchar personally and sent this message out to his email list. I thought it was worth sharing here. Dear friends of Film Love,

As some of you have heard, our beloved friend and filmmaker George Kuchar left us this week. I have few words at the moment to express the effect he had on my life. I know so many others feel the same.

We are planning a tribute to take place soon. For the moment, here are two quotes from George that I found. First, from December 1964, age 22, quoted in the Village Voice. He is laying out the moral case for 8mm filmmaking:

"Yes, 8mm is a tool of defense in this society of mechanized corruption because through 8mm and its puny size we come closer to the dimensions of the atom. We in this modern world of geological dormanticity are now experiencing an evolution evolving around minutenocities. We no longer think big except in the realms of nuclear bombardment, and therefore it is not unusual to find human beings with little things. 8mm is one of these little things, but 8mm becomes enormous when light from a projector bulb illuminates to a great dimension the abnormalities of the psychotic...Having worked with 8mm for 12 years, I have seen what it can do to a person. The creative intellect undergoes a great revolt and the bars of restraint are ripped from the casement of sanity until everything is a whirlpool of incandescent pudding."

And this, from George at age 67, quoted in the New York Times:

"Makin' movies, see, sometimes you see a very beautiful person. And the first thing that comes to my mind is, I want to make a movie of that person. 'Cause I like puttin' gauzes — ah, cheap, black cloth on the lens with a rubber band — and creating these, what look like 1940s movies, or movies of a beautiful Hollywood style, and blowing these people up bigger than life and making them into gods and goddesses. And I think in the movies that's a wonderful way of pushing them on the public, and infusing the public with great objects of desire, and dreams, and things of great beauty...Living human beings of beauty."

You said it, George.

Andy Ditzler

Worth noting is a collaboration between George Kuchar and Andy Ditzler in which George directed a video for one of Andy's songs. You can watch it here.