I've never met Robbie Land (but hope to on Friday)

You can meet Robbie Land at a screening of his films Friday, June 24th at MOCA GA. Presented by Film Love. In many ways our daily interactions with Atlanta feel like living in a small town. People mostly move within a small circle of friends, businesses and restaurants. So much so that it always a bit of a thrill, and a shock, when you discover you have two close friends who know each other and you were completely unaware. You must know the feeling; it's the same when you realize the Midtown Art Cinema parking lot backs up to the Home Depot parking lot, or you discover that neighborhood road that trims five minutes off your commute. Worlds come together.

Atlanta is not great about lending itself to these discoveries. The signs on the roads are absent, dirty, or blocked by trees. Sometimes our communities feel the same way. The Atlanta film community is no different.

Atlanta can be a tough city to love.

I'm not just trying to flatter myself to think I ought to have met Robbie Land by now, though it would be flattering. According to Film Love's website Robbie is an Atlanta transplant, who "[uses] 16mm film to create a personal vision of the environment of the southeast United States. Using unusual methods of film developing, manipulating his own carefully shot footage, and even pasting plant life and other items directly on to the film strip. His films reimagine our familiar surroundings, both natural and man-made." The point is what Robbie does is rare, especially here in Atlanta, and as a person interested in those things, it shouldn't have taken me this long to introduce myself.

Tomorrow night (Friday, June 24th), Robbie will screen some of his films at MOCA GA and I'm going to attend. I've also been emailing with Robbie the last couple of days and we've agreed to meet and talk about his work, Atlanta, and how all this fits together.