"Stragglers" meets its mockers at Cineprov!

You might have heard of Cineprov, the local improv group that makes fun of movies on a weekly basis. They've been doing their thing for years, and were even featured way-back in another incarnation of this magazine. They've since moved their brand of MST3K/Riff Tracks type of humor to Relapse Theater, where they do shows every Friday night. Recently, they've added a Saturday screening and this Saturday, May 21, they take on a new challenge -- making fun of local films.

The mockery starts with "Stragglers" this week, a horror film from PlatoVision pictures that was filmed way back in 2004, eventually getting a release on DVD in 2009 on Brain Damage Films. The film was written and directed by Dave R. Watkins, and I'm proud to say that I was a producer and one of the leading actors in the film. We're proud of this film, but that doesn't mean there's not a lot to make fun of.

Cineprov's Larry Johnson has promised to "mock with love," so hopefully other local filmmakers will take the challenge and be mocked in the future. In fact, Johnson has suggested that even a "short film night" could be in the plans.

For more information on Cineprov, head to http://www.cineprov.com/

"Stragglers"  stars Dave R. Watkins, Michael D Friedman, Amy Holt, Chris Burns, Cheri Christian, Joel Hunter, Spencer Stephens and Ron McLellan. You can buy your own copy here: http://www.amazon.com/Stragglers-Dave-R-Watkins/dp/B002M9FYMQ/

Bring it to the show, and I'll autograph your copy!

Stragglers Synopsis

Dr. Elaine Krauss leads a group of research scientists deep into the mountains to investigate a series of supernatural phenomena. But while exploring, they stumble across the aftermath of a brutal, bloody massacre. The lone survivor, a man named Mark Locke, is mentally traumatized and claims to have no memory of what happened. Hoping to uncover the truth, Dr. Krauss puts Mark under hypnosis and forces him to relive the previous few days. While Mark suffers through the memories, it becomes obvious that whatever attacked him before is still out there...and Dr. Krauss's team has attracted its attention. Soon, a strange, other-worldly battle is underway, where the past and present collide and nothing is what it seems.