High Museum Gets Surreal on Youtube

I've known Maxwell Guberman for quite a few years now and he sent me the link to the video he shot for the High Museum's Sur-REEL video contest. It's a visual ode to Salvador Dali that translates the artists most iconic images into a story on love and loss. Appropriate since it includes a bit of Dali's most famous, and referenced painting, "Persistence of Memory".

My big nitpick--and I have to bust you on this one Max...I still love you man--is the music. Maybe a little too Jerry Bruckheimer-esque in tone. Although, in all earnestness, if Dali was still alive, I assume he would have loved contributing a few ideas to an episode or two of Bruckheimer's CSI.

Seriously. As a someone who was into fractals and the relationship between science and art, and had such a playful approach to his work, Dali would have probably found the show's combination of Las Vegas locale and (pseudo) scientific approach to bad guy busting irresistible.

Definitely take a look at Max's contribution below and the rest of the Sur-REEL entries on the High's Youtube page. Also take a look at AntEye Movement, most definitely some talent behind that one, making for an intriguing take on...well, as the title implies, on movement.