You Might Be a Lazy Filmmaker If...You Use "Serious Inquiry Only" Notices

Atlanta! I have a reality show that needs someone who's experienced in video production. Looking to film in April 2011 serious inquires only - Lazy Tweeter's Name Redacted for a 140 Characters of Foolishness

Too often I see folks posting about film jobs and then adding that asinine bit of text at the end. It's asinine because they've not included how much experience one should have, what the full dates of the job are, the specifics, and most importantly what's the pay. .

If you're paying someone, say $1500, that may deserve a "serious inquiry". However, when you say serious inquiries only and you don't mention what the pay is, what that usually translates into is "inquires willing to work long hours for jack and half of squat need only apply."

If you want to weed folks out and hire the right talent, it's much better to set all the parameters up front. Most folks are smart enough to not apply for a job when you say you need 10 years experience and they only have 3. Or try to talk you up from your original price quote.

The more you can give people so they can opt out on their own, the easier it's going to be on both you the person offering the job and the person submitting for information.

So New Rule: You can only add "serious inquiries only" to any cast and crew call when you've given out enough info. To do otherwise is just a sign of laziness.

Addendum: If you're broke, you're broke. Just be upfront about it. If you really have an intriguing project, there are people who will work for next to nothing if they believe in the work. And if they don't, it might be a sign your project isn't as unique or put together as you think. Use that chance to go back and rework everything till it is.

Producing a weaker production with a sub-par crew isn't as advantageous as shooting an improved production with the right crew.