Twilight to Shoot in Louisiana?/Perry Upset with Turner

Twilight: EclipseWith each Twilight film, Summit has modestly increased the budget (37  to 50 to $68 million). Something you can do when the sequels are pulling in crushing world wide box office numbers. It's a smart move as the increased budgets have allowed the movies to match the growing frenzy of the series with increased production values. Now it appears that for the final two movies--splitting the final book Twilight: Breaking Dawn into two films--Summit will be moving production from Vancouver to Louisiana. One of the producers and the director will be visiting the state to scout locations.

Breaking Dawn migrating south would be a another score for Louisiana's industry. It could also be a new source of tourism during filming, as fans travel to the state in attempt to see the final films being shot; as well as after the film's completion, when there'll be plenty of iconic locations to visit.

'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' producer and director scouting Louisiana shooting locations

The L.A. Times is reporting that Perry was so incensed about how Turner handled the recent The Boondocks flap he "complained loudly about the episode and even threatened to rethink his relationship with the company." The same article recounts how Turner is working to smooth things out with Perry.

I personally had hoped Perry would have let this one go.

Fox and NBC routinely aired shows that have mocked their own programs and fellow networks. At one point, nearly every other episode of Family Guy was featuring a poke at Fox News. Nor have the writers been shy at pointing out how many other programs Fox has canceled--a dark cloud that has hung over the network for at least a decade. Most nets have learned that the best response is to either go along with the joke, or to remain silent. Over the years, I don't think you can find anyone that complained who didn't come off worse for it.

Although, when you compare the type of jokes the current SNL crew comes up with compared to what Aaron McGruder packed into "Pause", you're talking about two different weight classes. SNL at best jabs, tossing out paper thin quips. Calling into question Perry's sexuality, faith and legitimacy of his studio, McGruder threw body blows. Perry is lucky that McGruder is ending The Boondocks after this, because I'm sure the cartoonist would otherwise be chomping at the bit to use this dust-up as fodder for a followup episode.

Turner Broadcasting tries to make peace with Tyler Perry