GA Filmmakers War with CardBoard

Some Georgia Filmmakers (Directed by Clinton Jones) are catching some viral buzz with their latest short film Cardboard Warfare It's a short war film consisting of only cardboard weapons and a special cardboard surprise at the end.

The filmmakers say that it took about 2 months for planning and post production. The project was shot on a canon T2i and the Canon 7D.

What causes films to go viral?

A unique unexpected storytelling technique is certainly one as is the case here.

Is there a trick other than that?

Like who found the piano kitty, the Gaga boy, insert random viral hit video name here.

As a filmmaker, I'm intrigued with how you actually get outreach to begin with.

Now, I know that a traditional trailer is not what viral video dreams are made of, but certainly there's something to be learned to help the statistics for those of us who don't own cats or cardboard, right?

Anyway, glad to see Georgia filmmakers get shine whereever it occurs. They even made it last night into the #1 slot on Attack of the Show.

Was that Dave Watkins throwing a cardboard grenade?