Dirty Dancing Festival (Time to Work On Those Abs)

Jennifer Grey and Patrick Stewart Dirty Dancing After two decades Dirty Dancing is one of those films that young girls--and young men--all over the country rediscover every year. I can remember working at Suncoast Motion Picture Company almost 10 years ago and each week reliably selling a few copies of the film to pre-teens who weren't even born when the film became a hit. It's always been the soundtrack and choreography, plus a shirtless Patrick Swayze and a very relatable Jennifer Grey that have gotten the credit for the film's drawing power. However, if you seen the flick, then you know the locations used in the film are freakin' amazing and they become another character. It's difficult to imagine the film having the same romantic feel if it had been shot anywhere else.

Capitalizing on the films staying power comes the Dirty Dancing Festival at Lake Lurie, also known as Firefly Cove, NC, this September. Located where Dirty Dancing's most famous scene, Swazye lifting a dripping wet Grey over his head, was filmed, the event is going to include a screening of the film and a full day of dancing and games.

If the number of times my own sister watched that film back in the day is any indication, the inaugural event has a good shot at becoming an annual tradition for many, many years.

Dirty Dancing Festival at Lake Lurie September 17 & 18