Is the LA Times Trying to Send a Message?

Hollywood has Georgia on its mind.

After beefing up its film incentive program in 2008, Georgia has emerged among the top five states in the country for film production, attracting such movies as the Academy Award-winning "The Blind Side," the Woody Harrelson horror flick "Zombieland" and the fifth installment of Universal's "Fast & Furious" franchise. - LA Times: Atlanta studio opens as filming in Georgia booms

There isn't much new in this LA Times piece about the current Georgia film boom. Even if you've only had one eye open and been turned slightly to the left, you've seen this info before.

What caught my eye was the insert that accompanied it. At first I thought it was a neat little map showcasing where all the Georgia productions were shooting. Nope, it's for the LA area.

Is the LA Times trying to remind their readers and industry folks that states like Georgia are on their ass? Or is this a pacifying tonic to help those worried about the status of the West Coast that production has seen an uptick. Honestly, I think it's probably neither one of those.


Even as infinite as the internet is, space needs to be filled with something and Company Town's focus is on the entire industry, not just LA. Including an LA map, that probably also went in the print edition as well, with a Georgia story isn't really out of the norm. Still, it's a funny juxtaposition and if there are any hidden meanings in this, hey, it's a good sign. The devil only looks over his shoulder when he can hear the trumpets so to speak.

However, keep in mind, while bringing more work here should be a driver, we should be rooting for an industry that's healthy across the board. LA production lulls may be good for everyone else, including Georgia, in opening some doors and reestablishing old partnerships. As a prolonged condition though, it's a potential cancer that could spread in unintended ways.

Back to the insert. I'd love to see a map like this for Georgia. I especially would love to see something that has the number of production days for Atlanta, Georgia and the Southeast. Our numbers may not be as impressive, but it's a good gauge of how the industry is doing. Can it be done? Not sure. Does that data already exist? If so I wonder if holder of said data would be so kind to share?