$29.99 Movies, Day and Date, 2006 Sundance: or We've Been Talking About This Forever

In my day job at the Atlanta Film Festival, I was looking for some links to use for the 48 Hour Film Project, when I stumbled across the old CinemATL blog. The particular portion I hit was from my first Sundance and the first Sundance we covered in 2006. Among the posts, is one in which I wax a bit about two women who hadn't been to the movies in years, $4.50 tickets was when they had last seen a movie, and an in theater survey asking people would they pay $29.99 for DVDs to own them day and date. It's fascinating to flash-forward 4 years and to see how little the issues about what's driving people to see or not see films at the theater, and what will those same folks pay, have changed. If you didn't know any better, at some point you think I had stolen the words out of Ted Hope's blog.