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Show us what you got! Share your work with us, and it could be featured in a future Six Reels.

A few things before you submit:

  • We cannot guarantee that all submitted reels will be shared. 
  • If we select your reel, we will email you. If we don't, we won't. It's not personal, it's purely an issue of time. 
  • Unless they blow us away, reels longer than 3 to 5 minutes are less likely to be selected.
  • The more diversity and range of work included, the more likely a reel will be selected. 
  • Please share reels that focus on as few areas of filmmaking as possible. One area is most ideal. You can always submit multiple reels.
  • Content that is safe(er) for work has a stronger chance of being chosen than content that is NSFW.
  • Please don't include material that you do not have permission to share. This includes copyrighted music. Respect the rights of your fellow creators.
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