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Cameron McAllister

Cameron McAllister has been rarely blogging for years over at Colors by Logic. As his occasional posts stopped revolving around his boring life and begun focusing on the films he watched, he decided to transition into running a site more exclusively dedicated to film, awards and his great state. Truly devoted to Georgia, Cameron is a hybrid of a geography nerd and a film nerd. He is 27 years-old and holds B.A. in Geographic Information Science from Kennesaw State University, where he also minored in Film. Currently, Cameron works as the Marketing Manager for the Atlanta Film Festival.


Christo Stevens


Contributor, Young Leonardo DiCaprio-a-like
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Contributor, Jennifer Lawrence Stand-in
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Lucy Doughty



Martin Kelley


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Lead Writer, Film Critic
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Charles Judson


Writing about film and the film and film industry for over a decade, Charles has been a writer for CinemATL since 2005, providing film reviews, media and industry analysis, and interviews.

In 2007, he joined the Atlanta Film Festival as communications director. As communications director, Charles grew ATLFF's Facebook and Twitter social media audience to 44,000 followers, moved ATLFF's website to a CMS platform for the first time, and nurtured long term ATLFF relationships with Atlanta companies such as Creative Loafing and Allied Marketing.

Becoming Artistic Director in 2011, Charles expanded the festival to include a Creative Conference, added signature programs Creative Loafing's Short Cuts, the Music Video competition; New Mavericks, Women Directors and Touch the Puppet Head!. Partnering with Contraband Cinema, he also revitalized ATLFF's Experimental block. In three years, he increased submissions by 80 percent, from 1800 to 3300.