Dedicated to shining a light on Atlanta filmmakers and the film scene since 2005. Partnering with Reel GA to find the next great story since 2013.

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CinemATL Magazine is an online publication dedicated to shining a light on the Atlanta film scene, supporting its filmmakers and creating an outlet for the Atlanta and southeastern film community to get some exposure.

In 2005, Atlanta filmmakers Martin Kelley and Eric Bomba-Ire founded CinemATL to address the lack of press coverage of the film scene. Recruiting filmmakers, writers and photographers to join the staff, the primary missions of the site have been: shine a light on others in the community, cover news relevant to the film community, and offer unbiased criticism.

CinemATL is a reflection of Atlanta’s cinema and the regional southeast — its filmmakers, its actors, its production companies and its different film events. We are proud to profile some of the talented and creative filmmakers, actors and industry professionals, and give an insight on the sets of local and regional productions.

Reel Georgia

Reel Georgia was founded in 2011. Upon visiting the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival for the second time and the Atlanta Film Festival for the fifth, Cameron McAllister thought up the idea for a website that focused on Georgia's film industry but also doubled as an outlet for him to write about films and awards from his perspective as a Georgian.

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