You've submitted a production alert. Awesome!

Because we don't always have the man power to cover every production in detail, doesn't mean we can't do a quick interview with you to possibly post to the blog.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. Interesting (and fun) answers are MORE likely to be posted as a 60 Second Interview.  The idea is to spotlight YOU. 

Of the 60 Second Interviews submitted, we will post the ones we believe our audience would love reading.  Submissions that we find to be bland, self-aggrandizing, offensive, lacking in information or news that would interest a wide selection of CinemATL + Reel Georgia, we won't post. Don't take offense. Our goal is to support film in Georgia and the Southeast, we don't do that by including every submission, regardless of quality or content. If we didn't post yours, feel free to email us and to ask us why. When we can, we'll reply with the reasons. It's possible with a few edits, the updated 60 Second Interview will be included. 

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